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Paris, France

About the Author
Arab Horse Couture is extremely pleased and honored to feature a regular bi-monthly column written by Jean Paul Guerlain. In the past, in addition to his role as master perfumer for the House of Guerlain, Jean Paul also accumulated World Championships in Dressage and Carriage Driving.

Guerlain is a French perfume house, amongst the oldest in the world. The House of Guerlain was founded in 1828 when Pierre-Francois Pascal Guerlain opened his perfume store in Paris. Jean Paul Guerlain is fourth generation Geurlain and the last family master perfumer. Jean Paul continues to travel the globe to develop new fragrances.


Publisher & Editor in Chief – Dubai, UAE

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Attorney at Law - USA -
About the Author
Julie Fershtman is one of the nation’s most experienced Equine Law practitioners. A Shareholder with Foster Swift Collins & Smith, PC, based in Michigan, she has successfully handled equine cases in 17 jurisdictions nationwide and tried equine cases in 4 states. She has drafted thousands of equine industry contracts and is a Fellow of the American College of Equine Attorneys. Her speaking engagements span 29 states.


Photographer – Finland
About the Author
Horses have always been important in my life. When I was young I used to spend all my spare time at the stables. I have been taking photos for over 25 years now and in recent years, I have concentrated especially on photographing horses, near home and abroad... I love natural light, harmonious colors and fresh atmosphere in the photos. Horses are breathtaking animals, they are such precious creatures. Horses are tender and sensitive, yet also possess their wild nature. My goal is to capture the beauty of the horse in my photos & art - with respect and passion & sensitiveness.


About the Author
Straight Egyptian Arabian Owner and Breeder of Orienta Arabians, Judith Wich-Wenning, is a freelance photographer and journalist and works for numerous Arabian horse magazines around the world. Moreover, she is the author of the highly acclaimed book “Jewels of the Desert - The Magic of Egyptian Arabians”, published by Orienta Publications.

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